PY Halal Kitchen

36 Hashimotocho, Nara, 630-8217, Japan

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PY Halal Kitchen is an Indian shop that provides Halal Indian dishes


Basic info

Store name PY Halal Kitchen
Postal code 630-8217
Address 36 Hashimotocho, Nara, 630-8217, Japan
Area Nara > Narashi・Yamatokoriyama・Tenri > Narashi
Access 10 minutes walking from kintetsu nara station
Lunch average
Dinner average
Payments method
Electronic payment

Halal info

Halal certification Yes
Pork No
Alcohol No
Prayer room Yes
Muslim menu


English menu
Credit card No available
Sum seat
Private room Yes
Chartered room
Smoking Yes
Wifi Available


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Opening Hours

Sunday 10.00–20.00
Monday 10.00–20.00
Tuesday 10.00–20.00
Wednesday 10.00–20.00
Thursday 10.00–20.00
Friday 10.00–20.00
Saturday 10.00–20.00



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