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About Us

Welcome to Halal Food in Japan, your trusted guide to a seamless and fulfilling experience for Muslims visiting or residing in Japan. Halal Food in Japan is the largest Muslim-friendly directory in Japan. As the number of Muslim visitors to Japan grows, we recognize the importance of addressing concerns about food options and prayer facilities. Our mission is to alleviate these worries by providing comprehensive Halal information, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable stay in Japan.

At Halal Food in Japan, we specialize in curating a diverse selection of halal-friendly restaurants where you can savor delicious meals with friends and family. Additionally, we assist in locating easily accessible and affordable grocery stores offering a range of high-quality halal products, making daily life in Japan more convenient.

Seeking a place for prayer? We’ve got you covered by guiding you to nearby mosques and facilitating your spiritual needs during your time in Japan. Our commitment extends beyond borders as we provide valuable Muslim-friendly information, supporting individuals both within and outside Japan.