Best Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

Written by KHAN| 2023-04-24| Best Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

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Tokyo is filled with cuisines from around the world and when it comes to Halal Restaurants, Tokyo has also a lot to offer. Here are some of the best Halal Restaurants in Tokyo:

Naritaya Halal Ramen

Naritaya Halal Ramen is a must-visit restaurant for halal food enthusiasts. Located in Asakusa, this restaurant specializes in halal ramen, which is a rare find in Japan. The restaurant uses only halal-certified ingredients, and the broth is made from chicken and beef, making it both delicious and halal. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options for those who don't eat meat.

Sumiyakiya Halal Grill

Sumiyakiya Halal Grill is a halal restaurant that serves Japanese-style grilled food. The restaurant uses halal-certified meat and ingredients and offers a variety of dishes, including beef, chicken, and seafood. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is perfect for a night out with friends or family.

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Kaenzan Lanzhou Lamian

Kaenzan Lanzhou Lamian, this Halal Noodle restaurant is run by Uyghur Muslims. The staff is really friendly and the shop is always busy with customers. You will get to see the LIVE cooking of your meal in front of your eyes! Our favorite dish in this restaurant is the Halal Xinjiang Style Fried Noodles (Cumin) which costs 1,180 yen. You can also try the NO.1 dish of this restaurant which is Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodles (980 yen). Their Xinjiang Halal mutton skewers really go well with the Ramen. This is a must-try if you are around Toshima city or Ikebukuro station. All the dishes in this restaurant are 100% Halal.

Gonpachi Asakusa

As Japan recently opened its borders to international tourists, Asakusa was filled with tourists when we went there. We saw that Gonapchi was also really busy with foreign customers and we had to reserve the table for lunch. The service from the staff was really friendly and they gave us a nice table facing the Tokyo Skytreee and the Asahi fire statue.
The staff gave us a Halal menu and we ordered the Edomae Ebisu Tendon which is Shrimp Tempura served over rice and the Gonpachi Tendon which is Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura served over rice. The Gonpachi Tendon was 1,628 yen and the Ebi tendon was 1,408 yen including taxes. The set included tofu and soup as well. All the dishes here are 100% Halal and they also use Halal sauce in the dish.

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Halal Sakura

The restaurant prides itself on serving delicious traditional Uzbek dishes that are enjoyed by many Muslim customers who appreciate the halal cuisine. If someone is a fan of spicy dishes and lamb, the menu is particularly satisfying.

One of the most popular offerings at the restaurant is the course menu. The menu features seven different Uzbek dishes at a reasonable price. Each dish in the course offers unique flavors and textures that are sure to please the palate.

For anyone seeking an authentic Uzbek dining experience, the restaurant warmly welcomes them to join them. The team looks forward to serving and introducing their guests to the wonderful world of Uzbek cuisine.