Beautiful Mosque in Asakusa - Masjid Al Aqram

Written by TASMIA| 2022-01-12| MOSQUE

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Asakusa is one of the tourist places in Japan and is more famous for the Sensoji Temple. Many Muslim Tourist love to explore Asakusa area, enjoy wearing Kimono around the streets of Asakusa and doing souvenir shopping. But what if you find a beautiful mosque around Asakusa. Well, that is amazing good news for Muslims who visit Asakusa, because they can pray peacefully in a proper mosque.

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Just about a 15-minute walking distance from Sensoji temple and Asakusa station. But there are 2 bus stations near to the mosque whose name is Higashi Asakusa station and Imado station. Very easy to access and very easy to find as you will see a big tall mosque from far away. The mosque's name is MASJID AL ARQAM/DAAR AL ARQAM MASJID. Very beautiful mosques from outside and from inside.

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The mosque is very spacious. There is a multipurpose hall at the ground floor. Muslim can come eat and drink and can sit peacefully. There is wakaf food too where you can make your own hot tea and eat some crackers, on the second floor there is a men ablution area and women praying area. Inside the women praying area there is a proper place to do ablution and there is a clean toilet as well. Whereas men praying space is on the 3rd floor.

It is a mosque with full facilities. A very neat and clean mosque for Muslims to pray peacefully. It is the only mosque in Asakusa.

Address: 1 chome –9-12 Higashiasakusa,Taito city, Tokyo 111-0025

Contact: 0338716061