Top 7 Halal Restaurants in Osaka That YOU MUST Visit!

Written by KHAN|2022-11-16 |

Osaka has many Halal Food options with a lot of Halal restaurants and Muslim-friendly accommodations! Osaka can be a perfect destination for Muslims to go for a vacation or to explore. Here are our Top 7 Halal Restaurants in Osaka!

1. CHIBO Diversity


Chibo is a restaurant specializing in okonomiyaki and
teppanyaki since opening its first shop in 1973 in
Sennichimae. In January 2018, it opened a new location,
conveniently situated on the main street of Dotonbori, with a
Muslim-friendly menu. It’s designed to make Muslim visitors
feel right at home: it offers dishes such as Osaka's favorite
okonomiyaki, prepared with Halal-certified ingredients, and the
extremely popular teppanyaki, made with
Japanese domestic Halal Wagyu beef.
It also has a prayer room and ablution
facilities, as well as a souvenir section.
Store name CHIBO Diversity
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Nanba・Dotonbari > Sennichimae・Hozenjiyokocho

2. Halal Restaurant Naritaya Osaka


We have HALAL certification from Japan Islamic Trust.
Most popular menu in NARITAYA is Halal Wagyu menu.
You can eat Halal wagyu steak, wagyuYakiniku rice
bowl, wagyu katsu and wagyu curry & rice, etc.
Those menus are original of Naritaya Osaka Minami.
Let’s try Halal wagyu before it becomes sold out. And,
We are offering ramen, maze soba made with
homemade noodles, domestic ingredients, as well as
Naritaya’s original sauce and
dashi. Also, We have a Prayer
Room with wudu, so, please
do not hesitate to use it.
Store name Halal Restaurant Naritaya Osaka
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Shinbashi・Hamamatsucho・Tamachi > Shiodome



Our "Uemachi" fine dining Japanese restaurant is
offering a Halal certification "Muslim Friendly" menu.
Please reserve Halal Japanese bento meals at least
three days in advance. There is a limit of 20 meals
served per day. Service hours are: Lunch 11: 30-14: 30
Dinner 17: 00-21: 00
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Tennoji・shinsekai・Sumiyoshi > Tennoji・Abeno

4. Japanese Food Restaurant MATSURI


What do you expect to eat in Japan? Ramen, sushi,
takoyaki, karaage, Kobe beef, we have everything
available at Matsuri! Our menu includes the top 10
Japanese food that foreigners want to eat! You can
get not only food but also halal/Muslim-friendly
souvenirs!! Of course, you can pray at the prayer space
with wudu!
Let’s enjoy eating and shopping
at the same time!!
Store name Japanese Food Restaurant MATSURI
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Kobebeieria > Merikenpa-ku

5. Kenny Asia


KENN Yasia is Osaka's Kansai original Malaysia &
Singapore restaurant since 2006. Our menu
includes Hainan chicken, chili crab, beef steak,
Nyonya chicken curry, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, etc. We
serve authentic cuisine from Malaysia & Singapore and
also Halal food is available for Muslim customers.
The restaurant's Interior is an old Japanese public
Store name Kenny Asia
Average lunch ~¥1000
Average dinner ~¥3000
Access Namba station to kenny 8min
Area Nanba・Dotonbari > Sennichimae・Hozenjiyokocho



No.1 Pakistani and Arabic restaurant in Japan.
Michelin award restaurant. 100% Halal serve Kobe
wagyu. Muslim owner and staff. No.1 Biryani in Japan.
Biryani beef, lamb, chicken, veggie and shrimp, Kabasa
Lamb, kebab, Nahari spicy and no spicy also a large
selection for vegetarians and much more top-class
food. No. 1 Muslim tourist choice restaurant in
Osaka. Must try once.
We are the first 100% Halal restaurant
in Kansai. Don’t miss to try best
Pakistani and Arabic food.
Certificate of Excellence award.
Pry space, wifi, Take out, and for
big group delivery. Find us on
Googel and check menu
Store name ALI'S KITCHEN
Average lunch
Average dinner
Access Shinsaibashi St.Exit 4&5
Area Shinsaibashi > Higashishinsaibashi・Shinsaibashisuji

7. Halal Ramen Honolu Namba


Halal Ramen Honolu serves delicious Halal ramen and has a wide variety of dishes for customers to choose from.
Store name Halal Ramen Honolu Namba
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Nanba・Dotonbari > Nanbaekishuhen