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There are many attractions in Kanagawa Prefecture, including contemporary cities, traditional values, gorgeous scenery, and well-known hot springs. Aside from this, Muslim visitors to Kanagawa will find a diverse range of Halal food establishments to enjoy! We've put together this list of Kanagawa's Top 8 Halal Restaurants so that Muslim visitors can enjoy their visit!

1. Malay Asian Cuisine Yokohama


A Malaysian chef make an authentic lunch/dinner! The foods would remind you of Malaysian in Japan.
Store name Malay Asian Cuisine Yokohama
Average lunch 1000~
Average dinner 1100~(Seating fee 150 yen)
Access 2 min walking from Motomachi-Chukagai station by Toyoko-minatomirai line
Area Yokohama・Higashikanagawa > Yokohamanishiguchi

2. Alibaba Asian Dining


Their mouth-watering menu will definitely confuse you, as to what to choose and what to lose. So, be ready for the delicious foods, being prepared by our professional Chefs: Curry, Naan, Kebab, Biryani etc.
Store name Alibaba Asian Dining
Average lunch ~1000yen
Average dinner ~4000yen
Access Near IKEA Kohoku, Home Center Kohnan 1,758m from Nakamachidai Station
Area Yokohama・Higashikanagawa > Yokohamahigashiguchi・Takashima

3. Indian MANTRA SKY Bld


This is an Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian food. You can get biryani, Naan, different kinds of curry etc. Enjoy delicious Indian cuisine!
Store name Indian MANTRA SKY Bld
Average lunch 980~
Average dinner 2000~
Access 0.6 miles from Yokohama Minato Mirai 21
Area Yokohama・Higashikanagawa > Yokohamahigashiguchi・Takashima

4. Port Terrace Cafe


The greatest view of the ocean from the shop! It is located in the building of Tokyo International Cooperation yet everyone is available to visit the shop.
Store name Port Terrace Cafe
Average lunch 690~
Average dinner 730
Area Minatomirai・Kannai・Chukagai > KAnnai・Bashamichi



Welcome to Zakuro Restaurant, Iranian, Turkish & Uzbekistan Cuisine!
Average lunch 1000
Average dinner 1000
Area Minatomirai・Kannai・Chukagai > Yokohamamotomachi・Yamashitakoen

6. Jayhan


Turkish cuisine, one of the world's three great cuisines, is full of vegetables, plenty of beans, lamb and chicken, and has a low calorie content. The ingredients are also used for seasoning, and it is gentle and easy to get used to by Japanese people.
Store name Jayhan
Average lunch
Average dinner
Access 160m From Ishikawacho station
Area Minatomirai・Kannai・Chukagai > Yokohamamotomachi・Yamashitakoen

7. Kamakura Shokudo


Vegan and Muslims friendly casual Japanese restaurant - Kamakura is known for one of the sightseeing cities in Japan because the Great Buddha of Kamakura is in Kotoku-in Temple ! It is one of the largest and most renowed BUddha statues in Japan. They will welcome 20 - 40 people as a group as well !
Store name Kamakura Shokudo
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Kamakura・Ofuna・Zushi > Kamakura

8. Shaghun Indian Restaurant


It is available to eat authentic Indian cuisine in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. Do you miss home? Then, here is the best place tasting homemade style yet authentic Indian meals!
Store name Shaghun Indian Restaurant
Average lunch
Average dinner
Area Kawasaki・Tsurumi > Kawasaki