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Biryani is one of the most popular dishes among international residents in Japan as well as among Japanese people. Who doesn’t love a good meaty-spicy aromatic biryani? Now that the popularity of Biryani is increasing a lot day by day in Japan, here is a TOP 3 BEST HALAL BIRYANI RESTAURANTS recommendation! Hope you like them! Do not forget to support us on our social media!

1. Khan Kebab Biryani


Khan Kebab Biryani serves authentic aromatic biryani with over 30 selections of Indian curry with a 2hours of All-You-Can-Drink privileges at 3,990 yen! They have three kinds of Biryanis - Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Shrimp Biryani. This restaurant is particularly famous for biriyani. THe biryani is made with Basmati rice with ample amounts of meat and flavorful spices. You will definitely like their foods if you are into Asian food. The staff are really welcoming and will serve you hot and fresh food. They know English as well as Japanese, so you won’t have to worry about communications. They also have a lot of other dishes besides biriyani that you can try like Naan, Curry, Tandoori chicken, Kebab, etc.
Store name Khan Kebab Biryani
Average lunch ~¥999
Average dinner ¥2,000~¥2,999
Access Subway Ginza Line Ginza Station 5-minute walk, JR Shimbashi Station 5-minute walk
Area Ginza・Yurakucho・Tsukiji > Ginza(Ginzashikkusu・Ginzakoahomen)

2. Salma Tikka and Biriyani


Salma Tikka and Biryani is another place that serves really good biryani with fluffy basmati rice, aromatic species full of flavors and an ample amount of meat! The biryani is a bit pricey but considering the location of the restaurant, it is okay we would say. They also provide other Halal dishes that you can try out. Tandoori Chicken or Tikka would be a great option to t
Store name Salma Tikka and Biriyani
Average lunch
Average dinner
Access JR Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit 5-minute walk
Area Shinagawa・Gotanda・Osaki > Shinagawa(Takanawahomen)

3. Siddique Shinjuku Nishiguchi


Even though Siddique is famous for their Nihaari, BBQ Platter, Butter Chicken Curry, their Biryani is also really good. The biryani stands out with the flavor of the meat. The environment of the restaurant is quiet and calm. The interior is also well decorated; perfect for a family dinner or lunch. You can also try their Chicken Tikka Curry which is also really good.
Store name Siddique Shinjuku Nishiguchi
Average lunch
Average dinner
Access 6 minutes walking from Shinjuku police station
Area Shinjuku・Yoyogi > Nishishinjuku