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Popular restaurants around you

Cabe Chave is Indonesian for "chili pepper". The …

: ¥1,000~¥1,999
: ¥3,000~¥3,999

Tokyo > Osaki

Enjoy Turkish cuisine casually in Ginza! Turkish …

Tokyo > Akasaka

"Best quality of #halal #ramen →This restaurant d…

Tokyo > Ebisu

Enjoy a healthy, halal and mayonnaise-free lamb p…

: ¥1,000~¥1,999
: ¥3,000~¥3,999

Tokyo > Nihonbashi

Delicious Indian and Thai food! While pursuing au…

: ~¥999
: ¥2,000~¥2,999

Tokyo > Yotsuya(Yotsuya)

Enrique Marruecos is a Moroccan restaurant that p…

Tokyo > Shimokitazawa

Enjoy the world of CHAYA macrobiotic diets that i…

Tokyo > Shinbashi

Let's get away from reality and time to relax at…

Tokyo > Waseda

Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen is a Chineese Uyghur ramen …

: 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY
: 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY

Tokyo > Ikebukuro

Japanese chef cooks tasty curry! Additive-free a…

: ¥2,000~¥2,999
: ~¥999

Tokyo > Oshiage

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Popular grocery around you

Al-Flah is the pioneer of Halal Food trading in J…

Tokyo > Ikebukuro

National Mart is one of the biggest Halal super s…

Tokyo > Okubo

Belc is a super shop chain in Japan that has a lo…

Saitama > Kawagoe

Everest Spice Mart is a Halal grocery shop that p…

Osaka > Nanba(Nanba)

South Asian Halal Mart provides halal groceries

Tokyo > Oji

Nara Sakina Halal Food is a Halal grocery shop th…

Nara > Narashi

Aeon Mall has Halal grocery items. You can find y…

Yamagata > Yamagatashi

A grocery shop where you can find many kinds of H…

Hokkaido > Kitaku(Kita24jo・Asabu)

Are you looking for East Middle Asia foods? You …

Tokyo > Funabori・Mizue

Upmarket retailer carrying specialty foods, inclu…

Osaka > Umeda・Osakaeki

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Popular mosque around you

Tokyo Mosque, Tōkyō-jāmii (東京ジャーミイ) also known as…

Tokyo > Yoyogiuehara

Shin-Okubo mosque is situated in the Shin-Okubo I…

Tokyo > Okubo

Baitul Aman Mosque is one of the biggest Mosque c…

Saitama > Koshigaya

Okinawa Masjid is a newly built masjid in Okinawa…

Okinawa > Ginowan・Kitanakagusuku・Nakagusuku

The MICC is a religious and cultural organization…

Mie > Tsu

Marhaba Islamic Cultural Center Oohira has all th…

Miyagi > Osaki・Furukawa・Tome

This masjid has a beautiful area and a parking lo…

Miyagi > Aobakukougai

Ar Rahman Mosque in Hitachi is very close to the …

Ibaraki > Hitachi

Koriyama Mosque is situated near Kikuta Station. …

Fukushima > Koriyama

This mosque is situated in Iwatsuki. The mosque i…

Saitama > Iwatsuki

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