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Popular restaurants around you

Yakiniku Kaiseki Tomoji is a Japanese restaurant …

: 2000~
: 3000~

Tokyo > Shinbashi

Pehchan Restaurant Japan is a famous Halal Pakist…

: 1200 yen ~
: 1200 yen ~

Gunma > Isesaki

Reservation is required for Muslim-friendly food …

: 1000~

Miyagi > Aobakukougai

Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen is a Chineese Uyghur ramen …

: 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY
: 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY

Tokyo > Ikebukuro

Kiwamiya is an iron-plate style shop where you ca…

: ¥1,000~¥1,999
: ¥1,000~¥1,999

Tokyo > Shibuya

Located just a five-minute walk from Kasuganomich…

: 1800~
: 1800~

Hyogo > Shinkobe・Kitano・Ijinkan

Serves meat, vegan options available. North India…

Kanagawa > Odawara・Minamiashigara

Zaytoon is a famous Halal Palestinian restuarant …

: 600 yen ~
: 600 yen ~

Miyagi > Miyaginoku・Wakabayashiku

Enjoy the world of CHAYA macrobiotic diets that i…

Niigata > Niigatashichuoku

Halal Ramen shop with Vegetarian and Vgegan optio…

: 950 yen ~
: 950 yen ~

Miyagi > Sendai

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Popular grocery around you

Yamaya mainly sells alcohol but Yamaya also sells…

Saitama > Kawagoe

Cupid Yamato is a Halal grocery shop that provide…

Niigata > Minamiuonuma・Yuzawa

Gyomu super Takaoka provides Halal grocery items …

Toyama > Takaoka

Rogers Supermarket is one of largest discount sto…

Saitama > Saitamashihokubu

Rogers Supermarket is one of largest discount sto…

Saitama > Saitamashihokubu

Rogers Supermarket is one of largest discount sto…

Saitama > Kawaguchi・Higashikawaguchi

Roger is a big chain super shop that has a partic…

Saitama > Okegawa・Konosu

Rogers Supermarket is one of largest discount sto…

Saitama > Saitamashihokubu

Rogers Kuki provides Halal grocery items like Hal…

Saitama > Kuki・Kazo

This shop sells rice crisps in 6-8 different flav…

Tokyo > Asakusa

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Popular mosque around you

A mosque or masjid is a place of worship for Musl…

Niigata > Niigatashinishiku

This mosque is situated in Iwatsuki. The mosque i…

Saitama > Iwatsuki

Masjid Hazrat Bilal (RA) is small mosque where yo…

Saitama > Kumagaya・Gyoda

A mosque, also called masjid, is a place of worsh…

Saitama > Misato・Yashio

Masjid Al Huda is a perfect place for muslims to …

Saitama > Iruma

Ichinowari Mosque has a spacious place for Muslim…

Saitama > Kasukabe

Toda Madina Mosque is a mosque in Toda area. The …

Saitama > Toda・Todakoen

Masjid Farooq-e-Azam is a big mosque in Kawagoe w…

Saitama > Kawagoe

Salat or Salah is the Second of the Five Pillars …

Saitama > Misato・Yashio

Ar Rahman Mosque in Hitachi is very close to the …

Ibaraki > Hitachi

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