Ohkuma Gareden House

Waseda university, Waseda campus, 538-13, Tsurumaki-cho, Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Many students study at Waseda University love to come and eat the meals then enjoy the moments with friends ! They have trrace table as well.

sub-img-1 This package meal, which costs only 500 yen, includes fried chicken and grilled mackerel with your choice of side dish, rice, and miso soup. The healthy lunch pairs well with the beautiful views of Okuma Garden below.

sub-img-2 From the restaurant, you get an amazing view of the garden. The view is charming enough to refresh your sould and mind.

As this is a cafeteria of Waseda University, you will get nostalgic seeing all the young people chilling in the cafeteria.


Basic info

Store name Ohkuma Gareden House
Postal code 162-0041
Address Waseda university, Waseda campus, 538-13, Tsurumaki-cho, Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Area Tokyo > Okubo・Takadanobaba > Waseda
Lunch average
Dinner average
Payments method
Electronic payment

Halal info

Halal certification
Prayer room
Muslim menu Yes


English menu Yes
Credit card
Sum seat
Private room
Chartered room
Smoking Yes


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Opening Hours

Sunday closed
Monday 10:30-14:00
Tuesday 10:30-14:00
Wednesday 10:30-14:00
Thursday 10:30-14:00
Friday 10:30-14:00
Saturday closed



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