Hanamaza PAN

2-84-2, Shikke, Gifu city, Gifu

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Hanamaza Pan is a halal bakery that uses all halal ingredients to make bread. The shopkeeper is an Indonesian person who makes the bread with high quality ingredients without using any pork or alcohol.


Basic info

Store name Hanamaza PAN
Postal code 501-1147
Address 2-84-2, Shikke, Gifu city, Gifu
Area Gifu > Gifushi > Gifushi
Lunch average
Dinner average
Payments method
Electronic payment

Halal info

Halal certification No
Pork Yes
Alcohol Yes
Prayer room Yes
Muslim menu


English menu
Credit card
Sum seat
Private room Yes
Chartered room
Smoking Yes


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Opening Hours

Sunday 9:00~17:00
Monday closed
Tuesday 9:00~17:00
Wednesday 9:00~17:00
Thursday 9:00~17:00
Friday 9:00~17:00
Saturday 9:00~17:00



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