Written by KHAN|2022-06-08 |

Ikebukuro is filled with entertainment spots and is a gathering hub for thousands of people everyday! If you are in the area and is searching for Halal food, here is a list of 5 Halal restaurants in Ikebukuro!

1. Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen


Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen is a Chineese Uyghur ramen shop which is famous for its soupy ramen, long handmade noodles! They provide hadnmade noodles, sheesh kebabs, as well as many other delicious dishes like Naan, Full Roasted Chicken etc.
Store name Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen
Average lunch 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY
Average dinner 980 JPY ~ 1,500 JPY
Access 12 Minute walking from Ikebukuro station
Area Ikebukuro・Sugamo・Komagome > Ikebukuronishiguchi



At MALAYCHAN satu, you can enjoy authentic Malaysian halal cuisine with spices. MALAYCHAN satu's cuisine respects Malaysia's Islamic food culture and is halal certified. We have celebrated 30 years with the support of Islamic people, businessmen of many Japanese companies, and fans of the general public.
Store name MALAYCHAN 1
Average lunch 1000YEN
Average dinner ¥3,999
Access 5 min walking from Ikebukuro station
Area Ikebukuro・Sugamo・Komagome > Ikebukuronishiguchi

3. Palmyra


Welcome to Palmyra, an Arabian restaurant in Ikebukuro

At the Arabian restaurant "Palmyra", you can enjoy
authentic Arabian cuisine with a focus on Syrian cuisine.

You can enjoy it.

It's an Arabian dish that you don't eat much in Japan, but it
actually goes well with the Japanese tongue.

Enjoy delicious and healthy dishes prepared by a Lebanese chef with all your heart
Store name Palmyra
Average lunch
Average dinner ¥2,999
Access walking distance 10minutes from ikebukoro station
Area Ikebukuro・Sugamo・Komagome > Ikebukuronishiguchi

4. Marhaba Pakistan Restaurant


Marhaba Pakistani Restaurant is one of the oldest Pakistani Halal restaurants in Tokyo and provides delicious authentic Pakistani dishes.
Store name Marhaba Pakistan Restaurant
Average lunch ~¥1,999
Average dinner ~¥1,999
Access 566 meters from Ikebukuro.
Area Ikebukuro・Sugamo・Komagome > Ikebukuronishiguchi

5. Nahar Turkish Kebab


Nahar Turkish Kebab provides authentic delicious Halal Turkish kebabs.
Store name Nahar Turkish Kebab
Average lunch ~¥1000
Average dinner ~¥1000
Access Mitsui Memorial Hospital to nehar kebab walking distance 2m
Area Ikebukuro・Sugamo・Komagome > Ikebukurohigashiguchi・Higashiikebukuro